Media Coverage

We cordially invite journalists to get to know our new company headquarters and to talk to us about our data-secure and sustainable handling of used IT hardware and our social commitment.

WA3000 09/2023: Refurbished IT

A win-win for companies and the environment 11/21:Refurbishment: Repair of used technology is booming in the chip crisis

The electronics industry has been troubled by the chip crisis for several months. Repair providers, on the other hand, are benefiting from the current delivery bottlenecks and are seeing increased interest in refurbished products.

Siemens 09/21: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Changing the world for the better with the help of used IT equipment

UK-Parentslounge 07/21: Recycling: “Anything not below 14 inches is not for sale” – economy

gexsi 06/21: AfB – Refurbishment of used IT equipment with social added value

General-Anzeiger 04/21: AfB Group refurbishes old Telekom equipment