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IT purchase from companies & public authorities

AfB buys PCs, notebooks, routers, servers, switches, storage, smartphones, business cell phones and monitors from companies, banks, insurance companies as well as public authorities and institutions. No IT purchase from private individuals.

Generate additional revenue for your IT budget by selling used hardware and promote circular economy and inclusion. Become our IT partner.

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AfB is an expert in IT remarketing

  •  18 years of experience

  • European wide IT pick up with our own fleet


  • Certified data destruction

  • Key figures for your sustainability report & your ESG reporting

Selling used hardware to AfB

We offer professional IT services from secure IT pick-up and certified audit-proof data destruction to ecological IT refurbishment and remarketing. We have 18 years of experience in the end-of-life treatment of IT devices.

We are your partner for the IT sale of your used hardware. We are also certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 27001:2015. As a Blancco Platinum Partner, we  delete devices with at least 250,000 Blancco licences per year.

Would you like to receive your offer quickly? In addition to age, manufacturer and model, the performance data of the devices, e.g. CPU, RAM and data media, as well as the optical and technical condition are decisive for pricing.

Your hardware is in safe hands with us. Find out more about our audited process.

Promoting sustainability & inclusion with IT sale

At AfB, you combine your IT refinancing with social-ecological commitment. As a inclusion company, we employ more than 650 people, 45 % of whom are disabled. By remarketing refurbished notebooks, smartphones and other devices, we save resources compared to the production of new IT equipment. We currently achieve a remarketing rate of 54 % and more. We were awarded the German Sustainability Award 2021 and the German SDG Award for our social and ecological corporate concept. 

By working with AfB, you secure jobs for people with disabilities in the primary labour market and conserve valuable resources.

Foto of the German Sustainability Award. Text on picture: German Sustainability Award White placeholder. Circle divided into 17 parts, representing the 17 SGDs. Text on picture: German SDG Award.

FAQs on selling your commercial hardware

When is it worthwhile to sell IT equipment?
What information is required for a purchase request?
How do I get the best price for my hardware?
Can I donate some of my hardware?
Will I receive a data destruction certificate?
Does AfB buy IT equipment from private individuals?
What does social & green IT stand for?
What are the advantages for me of working with a non-profit IT refurbisher?

5 tips for the value retention of your hardware

  • Carefully collect and store. You are welcome to use our collection and transport containers from the moment the equipment is dismantled by your employees to avoid damage.

  • Do not apply engravings or stickers on the devices that cannot be removed cleanly.

  • IT devices lose value every month. It is not worth storing the devices.

  • Remove activation locks on mobile devices.

  • We offer your employees the possibility to buy their work-notebook, etc. privately via AfB. With this knowledge, many people handle their equipment more carefully.

Key figures for your sustainability report und CSR reporting

The social and ecological impact of an IT partnership with AfB is confirmed by an scientific Study by myClimate. Our partners are honoured with an annual certificate for this impact.

We prove the socio-ecological impact of an IT partnership with AfB by a scientific study by myClimate and provide you with an annual certificate. You can call up these key figures online at any time from our ERP system and integrate them directly into your sustainability report.

Recycle your used hardware economically, sustainably and socially. Learn more about the impact you can achieve by selling IT to AfB and use it for your sustainability report.

Selling used hardware – our conditions

You can either provide us detailed information about your devices in advance or we will make you an all-inclusive offer without knowledge of this data, in which we only differentiate e.g. by CPU generation, hard disk type and display size. In each variant a forecast over several quarters is possible in relation to the delivery date.

Our expenses for logistics and data destruction will be offset. Depending on your wishes, we deduct these costs directly from the purchase price or charge them separately.

You do not need purchase prices, but you do not want to have costs? This is in many cases possible - therefore we need information about collection points, quantities and device configurations in advance.

Contact us. We are happy to advise you.

We will prepare an individual offer for you.

IT Sales Manager of AfB advices a b2b customer to selling her used business hardware to AfB.

Phone: +49 7243 20000-141

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