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An IT partnership with AfB offers companies and public authorities a secure process for their decommissioned hardware, key figures for their CSR reporting and ESG reporting, and benefits for their employees. Benefit from these and many other added values.

Find out why a cooperation with AfB is worthwhile for you.

That's why it's worth it to work together with AfB.

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Quality & Security

AfB is a specialist disposal company, certified according to ISO 27001, 9001 and 14001 and the first non-profit Blancco Platinum Partner. AfB has received the Dekra Award for Sustainability, the Distri Award for IT Remarketing, the German SDG Award and many other awards for its Green IT concept. We offer quality and security throughout our process and have been experts in data erasure and IT refurbishment for more than 18 years.

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Key figures for your CSR reporting

We award our IT partners with a certificate for their actual environmental and social impact achieved through the refurbishment and remarketing of their decommissioned hardware. You can use the key figures of your certificate of impact for your CSR reporting. Protecting resources, promoting circular economy and securing jobs for people with severe disabilities - you can achieve this through an IT partnership with AfB. Learn more.

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Donate IT unbureaucratically & securely

The need for good hardware is immensely high in schools and non-profit institutions. Many companies would like to support this in the short term by donating IT, but they are faced with a number of challenges. AfB supports companies willing to donate through various cooperations.

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Communicating your commitment together 

We support you in communicating your social and ecological commitment of our IT partnership. We avoid greenwashing and focus on verifiable facts. If your company is socially and sustainably committed, this strengthens the bond with your employees and suppliers. Become our partner.

How to communicate your commitment effectively

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Offset CO2 & protect the climate

Do you want to offset your CO2 footprint as a company or public institution? Use our social and regional climate protection project by purchasing our climate protection certificates. 
The special characteristics of the AfB climate protection project: Regional - Transparent - Verifiable - Promotes 7 SDGs - Effect "ex post". Contact us. We would be happy to advise you.

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IT remarketing can improve your ESG rating

Hand over your used IT to AfB for data erasure and refurbishment. The resale of your surrendered equipment saves resources and promotes inclusion. We will document this effect in a certificate. This certificate serves as a verification document for your ESG reporting and can positively influence your ESG rating. This offers advantages when granting loans.

This is how an IT partnership with AfB can affect your ESG rating