Aufgeblähter Handy-Akku vor einem offenen Smartphone

Transport of critical damaged batteries

If you notice any of these signs on a battery, you should react quickly:

  • Badly swollen 
  • Leaked liquid from the battery
  • Deformation of the device in which the battery is included
  • Damage or melting points on the battery
  • Loose batteries that become particularly warm or even hot

AfB offers a simple solution for safe storage and disposal with the battery box.

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Safety Risk: Damaged Batteries

IT devices with structurally altered batteries are a problem for occupational safety, data security as well as a liability issue. Fumes or battery fires can seriously harm people in the immediate vicinity. Companies must ensure the occupational safety of their employees and may be liable in the event of damage.  If your notebook, tablet or smartphone contains a safety-critical defective battery, you should not switch the device on again and dispose of it promptly. It is important to note that defective batteries are considered hazardous goods and may not be transported by regular shipping service providers or by private car. Due to the increased risk potential, corresponding ADR guidelines (European Agreement on the Transboundary Transport of Dangerous Goods) apply.

Eine blaue Box zur Aufbewahrung von Akkus

AfB Battery Box: ADR-compliant storage & transport

If you rent the AfB battery box, you can easily store defective batteries in your company premises. This way you avoid fire hazards and protect your employees. As soon as one or more defective batteries are stored in the box, AfB will quickly arrange for a pickup. If you do not have a box in stock at the moment, AfB will pick up the device from you as soon as possible or send you a battery box to the address of your choice via DHL Express for an additional charge. It is also possible to collect the box from your employees' home office. Our dangerous goods specialists will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about handling lithium-ion batteries.

Technical data of the AfB battery box


Zwei Reihen Laptops auf einem Tisch mit grünen Haken auf dem Bildschirm

Your data in safe hands

Defective batteries usually damage the devices in which they are installed or can no longer be removed. The device is now defective, but the data is still stored. So in addition to personal security, data security is also a concern in many cases. With the processes for data destruction that have been established for years, your data is in safe hands with AfB, even in the case of an ad hoc collection without a rental agreement.

6 tips to prevent battery fires

  • Avoid impact and strong vibrations.
  • Avoid permanent charging. Remove the device from the power supply as soon as it is charged.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures. These can promote a battery fire. 10 to 30 degrees Celcius are ideal.

  • Do not discharge the battery completely. This can cause cell damage.
  • Do not modify the battery. This can lead to uncontrolled damage and cause a fire.
  • Only use approved, tested rechargeable batteries and batteries. Do not use cheap imports.

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