AfB Climate Protection Certificates - More than Compensation

Regional - Transparent - Verifiable - Promotes 7 SDGs - "Ex post" impact

By refurbishing and remarketing used IT hardware, we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to new production. By purchasing our climate protection certificates, you return even more IT equipment to the circular economy. This is because you make it possible for us to also recycle IT devices that we would otherwise not recycle due to increased repair costs. This is what we call the AfB climate protection project. With this AfB climate protection project, together with you, we can offset many thousands of tonnes of CO2e additionally each year.Offset your own CO2 emissions with AfB's climate protection certificates. Our certificates are checked and verified by Global-Climate®.

What is special about AfB's climate protection certificate?

AfB's climate protection project reduces CO₂ emissions, supports circular economy and promotes inclusion. Through the selling of climate protection certificates, we finance the cost- and time-intensive refurbishment of IT equipment that we would otherwise not be able to refurbish to cover our costs. This means that the AfB climate protection project returns even more IT equipment to the circular economy. 
As an inclusive company, AfB also creates jobs for people with disabilities in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia through the refurbishment of used hardware.

Refurbishment of unprofitable IT devices

With the proceeds of the climate protection certificate, we finance the refurbishment of unprofitable IT devices for secondary use. This saves us additional CO2 emissions - "ex post" (i.e. the CO2 reduction was already achieved before the certificates were issued).

Strengthen sustainable remarketing

AfB deliberately forgoes revenue from third countries and tries to refurbish IT devices despite their inefficiency and also make them available for charitable purposes.

Promote inclusion

With the climate protection project, you promote inclusion in the first labour market of people with disabilities. AfB designs accessible and inclusive workplaces to refurbish decommissioned IT devices.

Transparency and regionality

Get a personal impression of AfB's climate protection project in Germany. Visit us at our headquarters or as part of a virtual live tour.

Buy a climate protection certificate

You can purchase CO2 certificates directly from us in the AfB online shop. Please note that only Paypal or credit cards are accepted as payment methods for direct purchases in our online shop.  

If you would like to purchase on account or purchase larger quantities of CO2, please send us an enquiry via the contact form.

AfB climate protection project at a glance

Circular economy has the potential to reduce resource consumption, the generation of avoidable waste, the overuse of ecosystems (e.g. biodiversity) and environmental damage, but above all to avoid greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time to contribute to a more equitable prosperity. Circular economy could reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 39%. (Circularity Gap Report). The AfB climate protection project strengthens the Circular Economy as a driving force for more climate protection.

   Project type 

Maximising the useful life of IT and mobile devices whose refurbishing would have been unprofitable from a purely economic point of view and thus would have had to be recycled



CO2 saving   

16,800 tonnes of CO2e in 2020; calculation of subsequent years after the end of the year in each case

Project status  

Continuously and indefinitely, certificates are available, quantity tends to increase annually

Situation without the project

More resource-intensive production of new devices with associated CO2 emissions

Significant impact


  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Resource conservation
  • Reduction of e-waste and avoidance of e-waste exports
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Reduction of toxicities
  • Creating and maintaining inclusive and regional jobs in Germany
  • Supporting digital education


Contribution to the SDGs

4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 17

Contribution to the European Green Deal


  • Climate protection goals for 2030 and 2050
  • Conservation & restoration of ecosystems & biodiversity
  • Zero pollution goal
  • Circular economy



Global Climate®, based on the Gold Standard

Special features

Regional - Transparent - Verifiable - Promotes 7 SDGs - "Ex post" impact

FAQ about the climate protection certificate

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What does the criterion of double counting say (and to what extent is this criterion met by the AfB climate protection project)?
What proportion of the revenue from the climate certificates goes to the climate protection project?
What does a climate protection certificate cost?
Why is the time of issue of certificates decisive ("ex ante" or "ex post")?

Offset your emissions regionally with AfB

By refurbishing IT hardware and enabling secondary use, we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to new production. At the same time, we analyse our process steps with regard to their environmental impact and act in an ecologically responsible manner. In this way, we act so sustainably on the market that you can offset many thousands of tonnes of CO2e annually through AfB to compensate for your carbon footprint.

By the way, as a partner of AfB you benefit from reduced prices.

We will be happy to make you an offer!

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