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Certificate of impact

for AfB Partners

Your contribution to environmental protection and inclusion

Thanks to a life cycle assessment study (2021), AfB is able to evaluate the environmental contribution of IT remarketing and recycling - both for each partner company individually and as a whole. The measurement is based on seven device types (notebook, PC, tablet, mobile phone, monitor, server, printer), their average production costs and their average useful life extension through refurbishment, compared to the new production of the same amount of IT devices.

IT refurbishment has measurable ecological effects. Studies confirm that the proportionate CO2 emissions for the new production of communication electronics are higher than the environmental impact caused by their energy consumption over the entire utilisation phase. In addition, valuable raw materials such as copper, silver, gold, palladium and cobalt do not have to be mined for refurbishment. They can even be recovered through professional recycling.



Key figures in your certificate of impact

We provide you with the analyses for the devices handed over by your company in an impact certificate. With well-founded key figures, we show you the extent to which you are contributing to the following by handing over your used hardware:

  • Work for people with disabilities
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Less energy consumption
  • Saved raw materials
  • Less water consumption
  • Less impact on the environment and human health





Proof of sustainability for ESG & CSRD

Use the impact certificate as a verification document for your ESG reporting.  This proves that you are assuming social and environmental responsibility, which can improve your ESG rating.

The impact certificate also provides meaningful key figures for your sustainability reporting.

Communicate your commitment effectively in the media

Do you want to make your company's commitment to sustainability and inclusion visible? The personal presentation of your impact certificate is the perfect occasion for this. Talk to your partner manager or our Corporate Communications department. Contact us now.

Certificate presented to bardusch GmbH & Co. KG

Certificate presented to DATAGROUP SE

Certificate presented to Siemens AG

Frequently asked questions about the new CSR certificate

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