Notebooks with an green check mark on the display. The check mark shows that the notebooks are successfully deleted with Blancco.

Certified data destruction for companies & public authorities

The protection of your data is our top priority. With Blancco, we erase your data media reliably and audit-proof. As proof, you receive auditable deletion reports from AfB. We have more than 18 years of experience in the field of data erasure and data media destruction. More than 1000 partners across Europe trust in AfB social & green IT.

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Certified data destruction of your decomissioned IT hardware

Data media destruction and data erasure for magnetic hard disks and SSDs as well as other storage media

Data erasure

We advise you on various erasure methods and international erasure standards. For secure data erasure, we rely on the certified erasure software Blancco.
Our data erasure meets the following criteria, for example:

✔ According to BSI, GDPR & internationally valid erasure standards
✔ Audit-proof with certified Blancco erasure software
✔ BSI-GS for SSDs in various designs
✔ Blancco SSD Erasure for electronic data carriers

Data media destruction

Data carriers that cannot be completely erased or whose erasure would be uneconomical are mechanically shredded by AfB in accordance with DIN 66399. Depending on the type of data carrier, we adhere to the following security levels:

✔ Magnetic hard disks in accordance with security levels H4 or H5
✔ Electronic data carriers (e.g. SSDs, mobile devices) til security level E4
✔ Optical data carriers (e.g. CDs, DVDs) til security level O4
✔ Floppy disks, ID cards, magnetic tape cassettes til security level T5

We would be happy to advise you on our data erasure methods and how to handle defective or remapped sectors, HPA/DCO areas, SSDs and mobile devices. For secure data erasure, we rely on Blancco's globally recognized erasure software with component recognition. As an AfB partner you have 24/7 access to our online portal. There you can see the status of your equipment and have your data destruction certificates sent to you.

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Quality & Data Security at AfB

AfB's information security management system is certified to the globally recognised standard ISO 27001. We comply with standardised guidelines for our entire service. In addition, our core process is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

With at least 250,000 Blancco licences used per year, AfB is Europe's only non-profit Blancco Platinum Partner. We guarantee the secure data destruction of your commercial hardware and buy your decomissioned IT equipment (depending on condition and age, among other things) at fair prices. We would be happy to advise you.

AfB data destruction – our deletion methods

Depending on the type of data carrier, we delete data as follows:

  1. For magnetic data carriers, which we receive installed in PCs, notebooks or separately, we use the BSI-GS (BSI basic protection) Blancco deletion method.
  2. For electronic data carriers (e.g. SSD, eMMC,NVMe) we use the Blancco SSD Erasure method. If this is not possible, we use the NIST 800-88 Purge Blancco deletion method, and if in turn this is not possible either, then the NIST 800-88 Clear Blancco deletion method.
  3. For devices with iOS the Blancco deletion method “Apple iOS erasure”.
  4. Devices with an Android operating system from version 6x upwards the Blancco deletion method Aperiodic Random Overwrite.
  5. For other portable devices (Chromebooks, wearables etc.) by deleting the data through a factory reset in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. For print and screen devices with built-in data carriers we proceed in line with the specifications or recommendations of the respective manufacturer or depending on the type of data carrier as described in section a) or b).
  7. For network components we use the Blancco Network Device Eraser, a manual device reset or by dismantling including mechanical destruction.

Data deletion according to BSI recommendation

Info on defective and remapped sectors as well as HPA and DCO areas

What are remapped sectors? 

Modern hard disks use various functions for self-tests, internal repair mechanisms and to control their own state. One of these functions is "swapping out sectors". It enables the hard disk to detect individual sectors that can no longer be accessed either at the moment or in the near future. Hard disks have so-called reserve areas that are released for exactly this purpose. If a faulty sector is detected, its address is assigned to a sector from the reserve area. Users can then no longer access the faulty sectors. Such "misplaced or remapped sectors" may contain user data and must therefore be deleted as part of a professional data destruction process.

What are defective sectors?

Hard disks can contain damaged areas that can no longer be accessed with read and write commands and thus can no longer be used. These areas are called "physically defective sectors". The professional data erasure software Blancco detects defective sectors and documents them in the erasure report. If the overwriting of the sectors cannot be carried out completely due to HDD errors, Blancco attempts to write a data block to the faulty area. This procedure is repeated until the smallest possible block is written to the HDD. If this is also not possible after three attempts, this sector is marked as "physically defective".

Text on the picture: Data erasure promotes circular economy. On the right: four black notebooks which are successfully deleted with Blancco.

Data erasure promotes circular economy in the IT sector

Data erasure with professional erasure software meets very high data protection requirements, just like the mechanical destruction of data media and smartphones by shredder. In addition, erased devices can be refurbished and remarketed. This promotes circular economy in the IT sector. Learn more about the socio-ecological impact we achieve through data destruction and refurbishment of IT hardware.

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We are social, inclusive & sustainable

The security of your data is just as important to us as inclusion and environmental protection. We are a recognised inclusion company and a certified, TÜV-approved specialist for climate-friendly IT refurbishing.

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Two AfB co-workers are working in the department of data erasure at the AfB headquarters.

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