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Certified data destruction of your decomissioned IT hardware

The protection of your company data is our top priority. We erase your data carriers when purchasing your used devices using the certified Blancco erasure software or shred them mechanically. As an AfB partner, you have access to our online portal, where you can view the status of your devices and receive auditable erasure reports and data destruction certificates. Banks and insurance companies also have a reliable partner at their side for their sensitive data.

Data erasure with Blancco

For secure data erasure, we rely on the certified Blancco erasure software with component recognition. Our data erasure is based on BSI, GDPR & internationally recognised erasure standards. Depending on the data carrier, we carry out data erasure as follows:

  • Magnetic data carriers: Blancco erasure method "BSI-GS" (BSI basic protection)
  • Electronic data carriers (e.g. SSD, eMMC, NVMe): "Blancco SSD Erasure", "NIST 800-88 Purge" or "NIST 800-88 Clear"
  • iOS operating systems: Blancco erasure method "Apple iOS erasure"
  • Android operating systems: Blancco erasure method "Aperiodic Random Overwrite"
  • Other mobile devices (Chromebooks, wearables, etc.): Reset to factory settings according to manufacturer specifications
  • Print and screen devices: According to the recommendation of the respective manufacturer or depending on the type of data carrier as in point 1 or 2
  • Network components: Blancco Network Device Eraser, manual device reset or disassembly incl. mechanical destruction



Data carrier destruction

Data carriers that cannot be completely deleted or whose deletion would be uneconomical are mechanically shredded by AfB in accordance with DIN 66399. Depending on the type of data carrier, we comply with the following security levels.

✔ Magnetic hard drives (HDDs) according to security levels H4 or H5
✔ Electronic data carriers (SSDs, mobile devices) up to security level E4
✔ Optical data carriers (CDs, DVDs) up to security level O4
✔ Discs, ID cards, magnetic tape cassettes up to security level T5

We will be happy to advise you on our erasure methods and how to deal with defective or remapped sectors, HPA/DCO areas, SSDs and mobile devices.

Quality & Data Security at AfB

Data erasure with professional erasure software as well as mechanical data destruction of data carriers and smartphones fulfil very high data protection requirements. With more than 250,000 Blancco licences used each year, AfB is Europe's only non-profit Blancco Platinum Partner. AfB's information security management system is certified according to the globally recognised ISO 27001 standard. We adhere to standardised guidelines for all our services. In addition, our core process is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

FAQ Datenvernichtung und Datenlöschung

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Two AfB co-workers are working in the department of data erasure at the AfB headquarters.

Phone: +49 7243 20000-141
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