Futuristic Headquarters

The new building of the AfB company headquarters convinces with ecological added values and impressive technology: the right step for our customers, employees and our environment.

With the help of technical, ecological features such as well water technology or solar power, a long-term environmentally friendly, energy-efficient building was constructed, which is 25 percent below the minimum value of the "Energieeinsparverordnung" in Germany.


Luftbild der AfB-Zentrale
Solar power and well water engineering - the new AfB headquarters

AfB headquarters         Contact
AfB gemeinnützige GmbH
Carl-Metz-Str. 4
D-76275 Ettlingen
    Phone: +49 7243 20000-0
Email: info@afb-group.eu
AfB headquarters in Ettlingen

Optimal processes for further growth

The building contains all central departments on a total area of 5,400 m² as well as restricted storage and main storage with more than 1,200 pallet spaces.

  • accessibility in the complete building
  • energy efficiency
  • highest data security


AfB employee disassembles a hard disk manually

Efficient production

  • up to 500 device tests per day
  • up to 1,000 data erasures per day
  • up to 1,000 operating system installations per day
  • shipping up to 900 packages per day

All facts of the building at a glance

Sustainable AfB headquarters in Ettlingen

Solar power 

With the help of a solar power plant on the roof, the building is supplied with 66,000 kWh of electricity annually. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 20 two-person households. Digital building automation ensures that the energy generated is used optimally and in a way that conserves resources, e.g. through weather-dependent blinds and floor and ceiling lamps that regulate the building's interior lighting using motion sensors. In addition, the large windows provide plenty of daylight in all areas.

Well water engineering

The building is cooled using special well water technology. In the office, temperature is controlled by means of pipes running in the concrete, which cool and heat, a so-called concrete core activation, to create an optimal draft-free working atmosphere.

Efficient heat recovery

The office as well as production and workshop are supplied via a central ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery. The fresh air is preheated or precooled by the outflowing exhaust air - so less energy is needed to temper the rooms. In addition, the room air is exchanged regularly and automatically (minimum external air exchange).



Happy AfB employees

What our employees say

"That's where the company thought of the employees, too; we have a lot of light here and a lot more space than we used to have."

"I think it's great that AfB is also thinking about sustainability when building the new headquarters."

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IT-Lager in Ettlingen
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