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AfB head quarters

Mitarbeiter im Kundenservcie

AfB head quarters 

Carl-Metz-Str. 4

76275 Ettlingen


Phone: +49 7243 20000-0


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An overview of your contact persons

Our Partner managers are supported by:

Maximilian Blum 

Partner Management

Jelena Mitric 

Assistant Partner Management

Sven Kruse 

Specialist for Client Devices

Sabine Hoffmann 

Specialist for Server & Storages

Corporate responsibility & marketing

Marion Lichti

Coporate Communication

Juliya Lutz

Corporate Communication

Larissa Hadasch

Coporate Communication

Christoph-Daniel Teusch 

Coporate Social Responsibility

Fiona Dittrich

Fiona Dittrich

Environmental Management

Social work

Lars Keller 

Social Worker

Monika Braun 

Social Worker 

Yasmin Stösser

Social Worker

Data privacy and hazardous material

Christopher Rau

Coordination Data Privacy & Hazardous Material

Sascha Kuhrau

Extern Consultant for Data Privacy
a.s.k. Datenschutz

Kaspar von Wedel

Kaspar von Wedel

Extern Consultant for Hazardous Material; Strober & Partner GmbH

Your contact for brokering and non-profit's

Erwin Janzer  


Thomas Lammert 

Non-Profit & Education

After a professional IT hardware refurbishing, all our products will be offered for sale at AfB stores in various locations. Our partners also offer AfB products at their partner shops.