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AfB head quarters

AfB head quarters 

Carl-Metz-Str. 4

76275 Ettlingen


Phone: +49 7243 20000-0


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Roster of all contact persons

Our Partner managers are supported by:

Maximilian Blum 

Partner management

Jelena Mitric 

Assistant partner management

Sven Kruse 

Specialist for client devices

Sabine Hoffmann 

Specialist for server & storages

Social work

Lars Keller 

Social worker

Monika Braun 

Social worker 

Data privacy and hazardous material

Christopher Rau

Coordination data privacy & hazardous material

Sascha Kuhrau

Extern consultant for data privacy
a.s.k. Datenschutz

Michaela Trä

Extern consultant for hazardous material; Strober & Partner GmbH

Your contact for brokering and non-profit's

Erwin Janzer  


Thomas Lammert 

Non-Profit & Education

After a professional IT hardware refurbishing, all our products will be offered for sale at AfB stores in various locations. Our partners also offer AfB products at their partner shops.