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IT remarketing can improve your ESG rating

A good ESG rating offers advantages when granting loans. The remarketing of used corporate IT can positively influence your ESG rating. AfB provides companies with a certificate if impact when they dispose of hardware, which serves as a verification document for ESG reporting.

ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance


Environmental: climate change, carbon emissions, air and water quality, deforestation, energy efficiency, waste management, pollution, biodiversity, conservation of natural resources.

Social: customer satisfaction, data protection and privacy, equality and diversity, employee engagement, community relations, human rights, labour standards.

Corporate governance: board composition, audit committee structure, bribery and corruption, executive remuneration, lobbying, political contributions, whistleblowing policy

Why an ESG rating is relevant for companies

Advantages on the capital market

Ensuring that your corporate objectives are aligned with ESG criteria is important because companies that are sustainable and socially responsible have demonstrated better financial performance and stability in the marketplace. When considering potential investments, investors often focus on a company's performance and impact on ESG issues, as well as its risks, opportunities and long-term financial performance. Investors use ESG ratings to incorporate return or risk levers in the context of sustainability into their allocation models. These ratings help to direct capital flows to sustainable companies or divert them from companies that don't operate sustainably. This makes them crucial for sustainable finance. The market for sustainable investments is becoming increasingly relevant. According to Bloomberg, ESG investments are expected to be worth more than 53 trillion US dollars by 2025, accounting for one third of total assets under management.

Supply chains

Large corporations are increasingly linking their supply chain financing programme to ESG criteria in order to reduce their Scope3 emissions from suppliers. The intermediary bank rates suppliers according to their respective ESG rating. The better the rating, the better the conditions for lending. Therefore, ESG criteria are an important tool in supply chain finance (SCF).

This means that companies are increasingly taking the issue of CO2 reduction into account when making award decisions and working with existing suppliers. Therefore, it is also relevant for medium-sized companies to improve their ESG rating. An IT partnership with AfB can support this.

Hand over your business IT to AfB

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An IT partnership with AfB saves resources by remarketing your used business hardware. A high remarketing rate of your handed-over IT and mobile devices can have a direct impact on your ESG rating. Therefore, think about circular economy during procurement, branding and use as well as during the collection and storage of  your IT equipment.

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