Reaching the goal together: The AfB story of Michael Futterer

Michael Futterer works in the production department at AfB. The search for a job that suits him was fraught with challenge. At AfB, he has found his place. In this interview Michael tells us his story.

 Graphic with a photo of Michael Futterer testing a monitor. He is sitting at his PC and smiling at the camera. On a monitor, its colouring is being checked. The graphic says: "Staff interview with Michael Futterer".

Michael Futterer is happy to have found his place at AfB. Graphic: AfB gGmbH.

Hello Michael, what was your path to AfB like?

My job search was a long journey and I am very proud and happy that I found my place despite hurdles and stones that lay in the way.

Congratulations on that! In which area do you work?

I started in the detailing department and have been in the monitor testing department since August. I check the condition of the monitors, test them and decide whether the devices can be reprocessed or whether they have to be recycled.

What did you do before?

After my apprenticeship at the Christian Youth Village in Offenburg as a retail salesman, I unfortunately didn't find a job in sales.

Jobs in plastics processing and household clearance followed. The household clearance was too strenuous for me with my disability, but the work in the plastics company suited me. But unfortunately, I was told that I could not work there long-term because of my foot deformity.

I then searched all over Bühl and Baden-Baden for jobs. Finally, my job coach approached me with the idea of applying at AfB in Ettlingen. Since I have physical limitations and a learning disability, AfB could be a good opportunity for me, he said.

How did the start at AfB go?

First, I did a four-month internship here. I realised that the work suited me and that I would like to stay. However, there were still some bureaucratic hurdles to overcome - it took some time until my disability was formally acknowledged.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I didn't give up and luckily I had support. Our company social worker Yasmin , my parents and my job coach were very supportive. That was very encouraging.

It's quite normal that there are people you more or less get along with. In the past, however, it unfortunately happened that I had no contact person at all. Fortunately, there is support here, which I have never had in any other company.

How do you look at your job now?

I didn't want to be unemployed any more. I really wanted to work and earn my own money. I am very happy that I managed to do that.

The problems in professional life have already gnawed at me and sometimes I no longer believed that anything would change. That wasn't good for me.

What are your thoughts on inclusion in the labor market?

I think society should do more about it. And more companies too – everyone is only looking for highly qualified and perfect employees. But is this way of thinking always good, does a person have to be perfect?

That's why I think it's good that there are companies like AfB, so that people who haven't had much luck in their professional lives get a chance.

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