AfB and Blancco: 15 years safe green IT

Blancco's visit to our headquarters in Ettlingen showed once again that our long-standing platinum partnership with the Blancco Technology Group is characterized by the common goal of removing all data on used business hardware in an audit-proof manner in accordance with recognized standards. The joint tour of our data erasure and refurbishment was a professional exchange with a high level of knowledge gain for both sides.

Daniel Chammas (Senior Sales Manager & ITAD Specialist, Blancco Central Europe GmbH), Tanja Balazic (Managing Director at Blancco Central Europe GmbH) and Daniel Büchle (Geschäftsführer AfB gGmbH). Photo: AfB

A team from Blancco Central Europe GmbH visits the AfB headquarters in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe. Photo: AfB

Tanja Balazic, Managing Director Blancco Central Europe, Daniel Chammas, Senior Sales Manager & ITAD Specialist and Simon Pfendt, Technical Support Engineer, gave our employees valuable insights, but were also very interested in feedback and input from our colleagues, as they use the erasure software on a daily basis.

The topic of data destruction is particularly important in the business sector. That's why it was also important for us to discuss new data carrier technologies and exchange ideas about new erasure methods. With Blancco's software-based method, the data is overwritten on all areas and sectors of the storage device and can therefore no longer be recovered. This certified data erasure recognizes every component and data carrier type, it is audit-proof and compliant with BSI, GDPR and internationally valid erasure standards. Data security is verified by auditable erasure reports, which AfB provides to its partner companies. They also have 24/7 access to the online portal, where they can see the status of their devices and have proof of data erasure sent to them.

The data erasure software from the Blancco Technology Group that we use is the most frequently certified in the world. AfB uses more than 250,000 Blancco licenses per year, making it the only non-profit platinum partner. "Blancco is the industry standard for secure data erasure and an indispensable partner for us, with whom we are in constant contact," says Daniel Büchle, Managing Director of AfB gGmbH. "Our social and ecological concept only works so well because our partners, i.e. companies and authorities, can rely on 100% protection of their data and therefore leave their hardware to us." 

We have been working with Blancco for 15 years to carry out our audit-proof data erasure on the IT devices we receive. During this time, we have established a relationship of mutual trust that forms a secure basis for joint process improvements. A thoroughly successful partnership that also benefits our partners who provide us with their IT devices.

Live talk: Data erasure & circular economy

Anyone interested in the topic of data erasure and the circular economy will gain insights into the following topics in last year's live talk with Blancco: 

  • What erasure standards should companies follow?
  • How does secure data erasure work with new storage technologies and how are exotic device types, such as switches, securely erased?
  • And how can companies ensure information security and promote a circular economy through software-based data erasure?

These questions will be answered by Tanja Balazic (Managing Director at Blancco Central Europe GmbH), Cornelius Bührle (Director of Global Sales Engineering at Blancco Technology Group) and Daniel Büchle (Managing Director, AfB gGmbH).

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