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Doing good deeds with used business hardware? Many companies follow this path with AfB and Stifter-helfen. AfB collects the computers, deletes and refurbishes them. Stifter-helfen provides the refurbished devices with a 12-month warranty to charitable organizations.

This makes your decommissioned IT look doubly social!

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IT-donation and IT-services for non-profits

10 years of AfB & Haus des Stiftens

Stifter-helfen & AfB digitally celebrate 10 years of successful cooperation.

AfB social & green IT and Haus des Stiftens celebrate 10 years of cooperation

AfB and Stifter-helfen have been able to provide more than 70,000 notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc. to non-profit organizations since the beginning of their partnership.

Stifter-helfen is the IT portal of Haus des Stiftens gGmbH. Here, associations and other nonprofit organizations can obtain everything they require in terms of IT: product donations, special conditions, services, and practical know-how on the subject of digitization. Non-profits do not simply order a product via the IT portal, but apply for an IT donation, for which an administration fee is charged.

The devices referred are business IT that were given to AfB by AfB's IT partners for data erasure and reprocessing.

"Many of our partner companies explicitly aim to reuse their old devices in the social sector," says AfB Managing Director Daniel Büchle. "Through the cooperation and the Stifter-helfen portal, we are able to guarantee them exactly these things."

Strengthening the nonprofit sector together

In the pandemic, social cohesion is particularly important and is ensured by the non-profit sector:

+ More than 30 million people in Germany are involved in full-time and voluntary work.
+ 10% of all jobs subject to social insurance contributions belong to the non-profit sector.

The need for IT hardware in the nonprofit sector is therefore similar to that of large companies. "The administration and communication of nonprofits mainly runs via digital channels," describes Clemens Frede, Head of Business & Nonprofits at Haus des Stiftens.

IT hardware with ecological and 'double' social added value

For companies that want to broker their used hardware via AfB and Stifter-helfen, this has positive social and ecological effects:

  1. Strengthening the non-profit sector.
  2. IT refurbishment at AfB creates jobs for people with disabilities.
  3. The secondary use of notebooks, smartphones, tablets protects the environment: The IT and mobile devices provided by AfB alone saved more than 10,000 tons of CO2 compared to new production

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AfB and Stifter-helfen virtually celebrate 10 years of cooperation and invite you to learn more about the partnership!!

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