On-site service: AfB solves your computer problems at home

No sooner has the new PC or the new notebook been bought than the euphoria at home is slowed down again. But nobody should despair of the initial installation of the device: Simply pick up your phone and call the on-site service of the AfB gemeinnützige GmbH.

AfB Mitarbeiterin des VOR-ORT-SERVICE im Wagen lenkend und lächelnd / Fuhrpark der AfB / Logo social & green IT

The on-site service is a computer installation service that individually respond to your needs, even if you have not purchased your device from AfB. Whether it is setting up Internet access or creating an e-mail address, on-site technicians such as Isabell Hofmann will come directly to your home and provide support for all computer problems. Mrs. Hofmann will set everything up for you and will also explain every step to you. "On-site service is a professional service that creates a close customer relationship. I really appreciate that! Through contact with so many different people, every working day is a surprise," says Isabell Hofmann.

Our on-site service at a glance:

  • Internet, e-mail, telephone
  • Hard-/Softwareinstallation
  • Debbuging
  • Delivery & assembly
  • Data backup/ clean-up
  • Computer trainings
  • Customer service & maintenance

Computer setup: 99 €

Travel costs:

  • Up to 10 km 45 €
  • Upt to 20 km 65 €

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