We are AfB social & green IT

AfB is Europe's largest non-profit IT company, specialized in acquiring used business IT, certified data erasure, refurbishment and remarketing. Devices that are no longer marketable are dismantled and professionally recycled. This preserves the environment and saves valuable resources. AfB stands for "Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung" (Work for people with disabilities). All process steps are barrier-free, because at AfB people with and without disabilities work hand in hand.


Our vision and mission

Our values

We live our values. Every company that commissions AfB contributes to more circular economy and resource conservation. Every purchase at AfB, promotes inclusion. Our values are our basic principles for working together and delivering professional IT services. 

Four values are fundamental to our sustained success: 

  • Offering Chances
  • Being Ambitious
  • Acting Respectfully
  • Empowering Each Other

We all share these values and that is why we work at AfB. The letters of these four values form the word CARE - because we care about our our company, our employees and our shared ambitions.


Offering chances 

We work together to offer opportunities - to employees, partners and customers. We consciously develop our opportunities: choose, accept and reject.


Our ambition arises from our vision - We are demanding towards ourselves, our service, our quality and our customer orientation.


We learn to understand each other's perspective and act responsibly when dealing with the company's resources.

each other

A company is only as good as its employees. Everyone should be empowered to fulfil their role and job to the best of their ability. We experience progress through active and conscious action.
Be courageous, act committed!

AfB Mitarbeiterin empfängt einen verpackten Server zur Datenvernichtung

How do we live our values?

  • Every day we give ourselves the chance to develop and learn as an inclusive company.
  • We work responsibly and efficiently and approach our tasks positively and constructively.
  • We offer our partners and clients high-quality services and contribute to the success of the company every day.
[Translate to English:] AfB Mitarbeiter packt gelöschte Notebooks in eine Kiste.

Why is it important for AfB as an inclusive company to uphold these values?

Our values express how we treat each other, our partners and our customers. We live these values in our inclusive IT company and we measure ourselves by them. Our values are important to us. Our values are valuable in our cooperation and support our growth, our dynamism and our progress.