Sustainability through IT remarketing

IT remarketing has a sustainable impact. Through the remarketing of used hardware, AfB saves resources, reduces the emission of pollutants and creates jobs for people with disabilities. We record the positive effect on the environment and climate through the second use of used hardware compared to new production in detail every year on the basis of studies by TU Berlin, the climate protection organisation myclimate and the Star Cooperation.

Graphic with symbols representing AfB's various ecological impact figures. Text: "IT refurbishing & remarketing impact at AfB-Group 2023. Our impact on people and the environment."

All details at a glance

In 2023, AfB employees processed 666,000 IT and mobile devices and were able to give 70 % of them a second life. The remaining devices were professionally recycled to recover raw materials. Compared to new production, our recycling process helps to save significant amounts of resources and emissions.  

Read in detail what AfB 2023 has achieved in social and environmental terms. You can find out more about AfB's work and goals with the help of measured values, explanations of terms and an interview with our sustainability management team.


Key figures for impact of IT remarketing

  • Jobs for people with disabilities: Number of new jobs created for people with disabilities.
  • ReUse rate: Proportion of reconditioned and remarketed appliances.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions: Amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases saved that contribute to climate change.
  • Primary energy consumption: Amount of energy saved that is generated by oil, coal, hydropower and other primary energies.
  • Water consumption: Amount of water saved.
  • Human toxicity: Amount of pollutants saved that have an impact on human health.
  • Saved raw materials: Amount of raw materials saved (metals and minerals).

FAQ on ecological impact measurement

What are CO2 equivalents?
What are emissions?
What is a warming potential?
What is primary energy?
Was sind Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
What is ecotoxicity?

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