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AfB social & green IT has been an expert in IT remarketing for more than 18 years. From IT collection, data destruction according to the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) to resale or disposal - your used hardware is in safe hands with us. We purchase notebooks, PCs, monitors, smartphones and tablets as well as servers and routers from companies, insurance companies and public clients and give this hardware a second life. With this value creation process, we promote circular economy and create jobs for people with severe disabilities in the primary labour market.

Engage a professional IT company for services related to your commercial IT and mobile devices. 

Data security, added values & sustainability for your company

Thanks to our 20 locations in five European countries, we can offer secure pick-ups of your used hardware Europe-wide. With our own fleet of vehicles, lockable transport containers and staff trained in data security, we guarantee IT transport in accordance with dangerous goods regulations and the highest data protection standards.

We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. As a Blancco Platinum Partner, we process more than 250,000 licences annually in the secure erasure of used IT and mobile devices.

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Data security

Data protection is our top priority:

  • IT security transport
  • Video surveillance in the restricted warehouse
  • Data destruction with Blancco
  • In-house shredder
  • Data destruction certificate
  • Transparent tracking of your IT-devices
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Added value

Benefits for your image and your employees:

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Remarketing and professional recycling:

  • Reuse for more climate protection
  • Reducing CO2-emissions
  • Saving energy
  • Recovering raw materials
  • Increasing circular economy
  • Manual dismantling of non-functional IT decives to recover spare parts
  • Inclusion –  jobs for people with disabilities

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IT sale to AfB

Due to increasing demands on data security and hardware performance, companies replace their IT after a few years, even though most of these IT and mobile devices are still fully functional. By selling commercial IT to refurbishers, you can generate budget for the procurement of new equipment and promote circular economy.

Fair offers for your hardware.

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Protecting the environment through green IT

AfB is specialised in remarketing as much IT devices as possible. For many years we have achieved a remarketing rate up to 68%. In terms of the circular economy, remarketing IT hardware is the best for the environment and the climate. Through an impact measurement based on a study by myclimate, we can precisely quantify the resource savings through IT remarketing.

"Green IT" made in Europe.

AfB-Team in Berlin

Inclusive and non-profit

AfB stands for "Work for people with disabilities". As non-profit inclusion company we create barrier-free workplaces and clear processes, so people with and without disabilities can provide professional IT services. A disabled persons' representative and two company social workers support employees with and without disabilities in their everyday work.

Inclusion is our success.

Employee repairs a used laptop for remarketing.

What is IT remarketing?

IT remarketing is the process from purchase to data erasure and refurbishment to resale of used hardware such as notebooks, PCs, smartphones, servers or monitors. In this process, data erasure or data media destruction in accordance with the highest data protection guidelines, such as the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) or the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), is essential. IT remarketing enhances the circular economy and increases the life cycle of functioning hardware. This demonstrably saves resources compared to the production of new hardware. AfB enhances inclusion through IT remarketing. 48 % of our employees are people with disabilities.

Sustainability & inlclusion through IT remarketing in 2022

177800 mwh

primary energy

44700 tonnes

co2 equivalents



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Social & sustainable IT remarketing – we would be happy to advise you

Would you like to find out more and need a partner for remarketing and data erasure or the disposal of your IT equipment? Contact us.

Did you know that according to § 118 GWB (Act against Restraints of Competition), public clients can dispense with a call for tenders and directly commission the inclusion company AfB gGmbH? The requirement is the employment of at least 30 % people with severe disabilities. At AfB it is even more than 40 %.

We are your partner for remarketing & refurbishing.

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