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With little effort companies can promote social responsibility.




Our partnerships have an impact


1,000 partnerships at 19 locations in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and Slovakia have already created more than 420 jobs in the IT business, around 50% of those for people with disabilities. Studies by the TU Berlin validate the positive ecological contribution of our work. We are more than happy to make the key indicators available to our partners in the form of an eco-audit. In cases where we establish partnerships with big companies, we open an AfB location in their region. In this manner, these companies also help create new jobs.


Support social projects

In order to raise awareness for inclusion and the refurbishing used IT hardware, AfB supports several projects to visualize and address socially-relevant issues.

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We live CSR - we live responsibility

Digital inclusion into our society, creating barrier-free work places and conserving natural resources are at the core of all our business activities and the very foundation of our daily work processes.


Making business decisions while considering the social and ecological impact at the same time.

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Concept and vision

We want to continue to grow and plant the idea of digital inclusion in our society.

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We give people with disabilities career prospects. We see each person’s potential and want to promote and further it.

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Phineo, the analysis and consulting firm for effective social engagement, has recognized our social commitment.

Phineo, das Analyse- und Beratungshaus für wirkungsvolles gesellschaftliches Engagement, bestätigt unser soziales Engagement.


The ecological contribution through all our partnerships in 2018

16440 tons

of metals equivalents

36650 MWh

of energy

11600 tons

of CO2-equivalents