AfB headquarters The newly built company headquarters of AfB gGmbH in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe is climate neutral.

Our Responsibility

We acknowledge our responsibility to consider our business decisions and actions in terms of their economic, social and environmental impact.

Our vision   

AfB social & green IT

Graphic of the AfB process (c) AfB gGmbH

Social & green stands for our sustainable social and ecological value creation: we give used IT hardware a second life after data erasure and refurbishment.

We have designed the entire process to be barrier-free, since as an inclusion company we employ people with disabilities.

IT remarketing preserves resources and the climate and reduces the amount of waste. At AfB, it also contributes to greater inclusion in the job market.

Our process     
  1. AfB is the first inclusion company that is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and is committed to the 10 goals of the United Nations for responsible corporate governance and publishes an annual sustainability report (COP). 
  2. Since 2015, AfB has been the first social enterprise to meet the EU CSR directive on non-financial reporting.

Connecting IT and CSR

Added values for your csr-communication

Employees and customers are demonstrably more loyal if a company is sustainably committed.

As an IT partner of the AfB you are committed to inclusion and climate protection. You are welcome to use this for your communication and CSR reporting.

Our offer     

A job in a social enterprise

Job interview at AfB Job application in a friendly atmosphere

You are interested in working in the IT industry? Are you looking for a job with sense and added value?

Learn more about your opportunities at AfB - Europe's largest non-profit IT company. 


Working at our company     


In our day-to-day business, we go the extra mile to solve social problems on a basis of partnership and social entrepreneurship.

Promote social entrepreneurship

Promote social entrepreneurship

We want to support successful, non-profit companies in finding solutions to the challenges of our society.

Ambassador of digital inclusion

Ambassador of digital inclusion

We want our employees to be content and successful ambassadors for digital inclusion.

Reduce electronic waste

Reduce electronic waste

We want to continue to develop our business model and cut back even more on electronic waste.

Continued development based on partnership

Continued development based on partnership

We want to develop cutting-edge approaches that are scalable and based on partnership.

Transparent reporting

Transparent reporting

We want to report on economic, social and ecological achievements with full transparency.

Act climate-positively

Act climate-positively

Through our creation of value, we aim to verifiably reduce damage to the environment.