Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2022: AfB Managing Director Yvonne Cvilak was awarded by the Euclid Network

With the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise, the EU-funded Euclid Network honours female leaders who have brought about significant social and/or environmental change. Both apply to Yvonne Cvilak.

Portrait von Yvonne Cvilak mit Emblem der Top 100 Women Auszeichnung
[Translate to English:] Abbildung der Urkunde, welche die Top 100 Women erhalten
[Translate to English:] Yvonne Cvilak sitzt an ihrem Schreibtisch und lächelt in die Kamera

Yvonne Cvilak is one of the top 100 women in European social enterprises. The HR manager and managing director of AfB social & green IT is committed to sustainable circular economy as well as to diversity, inclusion and women's rights.

Yvonne Cvilak is thrilled about this recognition of her work: "AfB is a great potpourri: our team unites men and women with and without disabilities from 22 different nationalities, aged 18 to 65. Diversity is lived at AfB right up to the management level: the supervisory board and the executive board of i500 gAG, the parent company of AfB gGmbH, consists of three women and three men aged 36 to 65 and one member with a disability."

At all ten locations in Germany and the 19 locations in the EU, Yvonne Cvilak employs people with physical and mental disabilities, e.g. paraplegia, deafness or autism. She is convinced that people with severe disabilities can make a contribution to success in business enterprises. Equal opportunities for all is a matter of course for her anyway - regardless of gender. She still sees a lot of potential here and calls for structural change:

"There must be freedom of choice and equal opportunities for women and men and all our colourful family models and career options. I would like to see work-life balance open to both partners and the responsibility for the unpaid and far too often invisible care work also taken on by both," says Cvilak, who also sees the award from the Euclid Network as an incentive for her inclusion work.  "Our goal is to create 500 permanent jobs for people with disabilities in the next 10 years. To achieve this goal, we need to grow and find partners who trust us to refurbish their used IT."  

The company AfB, which she runs together with her father, the company founder Paul Cvilak, and Daniel Büchle, offers a circular solution for business IT and thus contributes significantly to waste avoidance, environmental and climate protection and inclusion. By extending the useful life of IT devices, emissions such as CO2 are avoided and valuable resources such as water, energy and raw materials are conserved. For its socio-ecological business model, AfB social & green IT was awarded the German Sustainability Award 2021, the Inclusion Award NRW 2020, the Digital Leader Award and Europe's Social Enterprise 2020, among others.


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