My disability won´t stop me!

Adrian is 40 years old and lives in Düren. Since eight years he works at the AfB-branch in Düren. In our interview he tells us why his disability of 30% won´t stop him.

[Translate to English:] Adrian arbeitet seit rund zehn Jahren bei AfB.

[Translate to English:] Adrian arbeitet seit rund zehn Jahren bei AfB. Foto: BAG IF

[Translate to English:] Adrian Adrian Janetzko, Fachpraktiker für IT-Systeme bei AfB

[Translate to English:] Umweltschutz ist für den Fachpraktiker für IT-Systeme wichtig. Foto: BAG IF

Adrian, you've been with AfB for eight years now - what are your tasks?

I've been to different departments. I am currently at data deletion. When we receive used devices such as notebooks or company cell phones, we delete all data with the Blancco software.


Deleting data sounds like a lot of responsibility?

Definetly. We take the topic very serious, because companies trust us with their old data. No mistake can happen!


Do you face new challenges during your work?

Sometimes, for example when processes change. But I have made up my mind not to give up and not to stand still. I want to learn and develop. My psychological disability shouldn't stop me.


What do you particularly like about your work at AfB?

That I get the chance to keep developing. But above all the concept of working socially and ecologically with used IT devices. It's just good and well thought out. I fit right in there - I care about environmental protection and I have a disability myself.


What did you work before AfB?

I was in a workshop for the disabled and did packaging work there. My social worker then made me aware of the AfB WAB program.


What does "WAB" stand for?

Workshop, training, profession. This is a special training that is especially designed for people with disabilities who come from workshops. First I did an internship and then I trained as a specialist in IT systems.


45% of people with disabilities work at AfB - do you notice this in your daily work?

Yes, of course. But here you are not an outsider with a disability. You feel a lot of tolerance and understanding and you are not simply put in a box.


What do you wish for in the future?

That people become more tolerant outside of my work. Especially with a mental handicap you are quickly put in a box. I deal with it openly, because you don't excactly see it. But: I am a person like everyone else and I want to be treated like that.

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