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The aid project is a global NGO and private initiative of volunteers.

Logo of Labdoo enables education worldwide with donated it-hardware

The project collects unused, discarded laptops, tablets or eBook readers for foreign projects and, if possible, PCs for regional projects abroad. would like to use the donated equipment to help reduce the "digital divide" worldwide in an ecologically responsible way and provide children with access to IT and education.

So-called "flight godfathers" transport donated IT equipment in a carbon-neutral way to other countries as part of a trip that takes place anyway and hand it over there so that schools, children's and youth projects ("Edoovillages") all over the world can be supported free of charge. Likewise, flight godfathers take care of the return transport of IT equipment if it can no longer be used at some point and to be disposed properly in Europe.

All AfB-locations serve as receiving points for IT-donations from private persons and forward them to Labdoo free of charge, as long as the equipment meets the minimum requirements. If you want to donate a device, please bring the completed Labdoo donation form to the AfB store.

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Furthermore, AfB itself regularly donates IT equipment to Labdoo. Via, every donor can track where the equipment he or she has donated is being used again. Labdoo's volunteers take care of the data deletion of the donated devices - optionally a certified data destruction can be carried out by AfB. For further information, please visit or contact our branches.

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