Deutschlandfunk visits AfB

As good as new? In the programme 'Marktplatz' from 10.10.2019 Deutschlandfunk informed about used IT. What do I need to consider when buying? What about the warranty? Editor Stephanie Kowalewski visited our branch office in Essen.


AfB branch in Essen

AfB branch in Essen (Picture: AfB gGmbH)

professional consultation at AfB

customer at AfB Shop (Picture: AfB gGmbH)

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Numerous specialised dealers and refurbishment companies offer used smartphones, tablets or pc´s at low prices. A good opportunity for many buyers to get high-quality branded products at attractive prices – while doing something for the environment.

On October 10, 2019, Deutschlandfunk's program Marktplatz was dedicated to the topic "Used IT: Smartphone & Co: Tips for buying second hand". 

Presenter Manfred Kloiber, together with his studio guests Stefan Ebelt, chairman of the board of the non-profit ReUse e.V., Peter Knaak, IT editor at Stiftung Warentest and Friedhelm Keimeyer, deputy head of Environmental Law & Governance at Öko-Institut e.V. Berlin, answered questions on the subject of warranties, software equipment, battery performance etc. 

In advance to the programme, Dlf editor Stephanie Kowalewski visited the branch of AfB in Essen and learns from production manager Christoph Mohren and his colleague Julian Kranz where the AfB's business equipment comes from. After data deletion, they are cleaned, refurbished and deployed fresh with Windows 10. Individual customer requests can also be fulfilled.

You can find out more about the shipment here.

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