AfB & Blancco in action for data security

From time to time changes in work processes require the exchange of business hardware in companies. Many aspects have to be considered when replacing IT equipment: Professional and ecologically sustainable disposal, sorting dissasembly, efficient recycling and much more. However most important for a lot of companies is the certified deletion of confidential data. The corporate concept of AfB, Europe's first non-profit IT service provider, covers all these areas.

Secure IT transport


AfB stands for social and ecological IT remarketing and data security. Within the entire process chain the data security of the AfB partners has the highest priority. Trained employees transport the used hardware in lockable containers and accepts the goods in security locks of the AfB branches. This is followed by storage in the restricted warehouse with video surveillance and access control. In the detailed recording, the employees remove all stickers that indicate to the company.


Blancco - delete and gone!


If the IT hardware is suitable for remarketing, all data must be completely deleted. The non-profit IT company guarantees this with Blancco, the world's most frequently certified deletion software. The partners can have their data deleted according to an individually agreed service level. Depending on the method, the Blancco software overwrites the memory area several times. Following this deletion process, an evaluation is carried out by the database system of the AfB to determine whether all specified standards have been met. After successful data deletion, all devices are subjected to a device test and sent to their further distribution channel.


10 years of partnership


AfB and Blancco have been linked by a living partnership for 10 years. Together they protect sensitive data of companies, public institutions and corporations.

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