Sustainable IT remarketing

Selling refurbished hardware to end customers is safer and more sustainable than dealer sales. AfB makes more than 85% of its turnover in Germany with end customers, supports non-profit organisations, schools and socially disadvantaged people and thus promotes civil society work and educational projects. Illegal scrap exports to the Global South are virtually excluded.

  • Retail strengthens the economy in the respective country
  • ​​Retail reduces the carbon footprint of devices
  • Longer service life of appliances 
  • Sales in countries with proper disposal systems
  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Making inclusion visible: Advice and sales by people with disabilities
  • Retail creates local jobs, at AfB also for people with disabilities

Our main distribution channels

AfB Onlineshop

Germany-wide sale in the AfB online shop.
Stationary Retail

Stationary sales to end customers in seven AfB shops in Germany.

Local Shops
AfB Mobiles Lernen

Special conditions for schools and other educational institutions.

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B2B Sales

Are you a public authority, a reseller or a business customer? We offer high-quality refurbished IT equipment at attractive special conditions as well as new goods.

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Discount for partners

Special conditions for employees of our partners - online, in the shops, as promotion weeks or as part of on-site events.

Social projects

It is important to us to draw attention to topics such as inclusion, sustainable technology and digital education. That's why we support projects like Jesuit Worldwide Learning, Mobile Learning, Labdoo, Stifter-Helfen, and others.

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Get the highest possible transparency about the further path of your business hardware.

About illegal e-waste exports

20 - 50 million tonnes of e-waste every year*: People burn a large part of the e-waste in the open streets of landfills in order to get hold of the recyclable metals. The resulting toxic fumes have devastating effects on people and the environment. The documentary "Welcome to Sodom" takes a look behind the scenes of an e-waste graveyard in Africa.

Sustainable IT remarketing by certified refurbishers like AfB extends the product cycle of functioning used equipment and promotes proper disposal. 

*Estimate (United Nations)

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