Purchase of used IT hardware

In most cases, we can pay purchase prices for IT and mobile devices up to about 5 years old. Decisive for us, apart from manufacturer and model, are the performance data of the devices, e.g. CPU, RAM and data carriers as well as the optical and technical condition. Receive your offer!

Our conditions
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Social commitment through used IT hardware


You would like to promote inclusion with your surpluses (purchase prices minus service costs)? AfB is entitled to receive donations, we will gladly issue a donation receipt for you. Or would you like to support IT and educational projects with your surpluses? Get to know our project partners who are committed to digital education and equal opportunities. We will be happy to advise you.


5 tips against unnecessary loss in value of your hardware:

  1. Carefully collect and store. You are welcome to use our collection and transport containers from the moment the equipment is dismantled by your employees to avoid damage.
  2. Do not apply engravings or stickers on the devices that cannot be removed cleanly.
  3. IT devices lose value every month. It is not worth bunkering the devices.
  4. Remove activation locks on mobile devices.
  5. We offer your employees the possibility to buy their work-notebook etc. privately via AfB. Many people handle this knowledge more carefully with their device.

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