Purchase of used IT hardware

Do you have IT and mobile devices that your company no longer needs? AfB is your partner for the purchase of used IT hardware. We buy PCs, notebooks, servers, smartphones, business mobile phones, etc. from companies, banks, insurance companies and public authorities. Decisive for the pricing are age, manufacturer and model, as well as the performance data of the devices, e.g. CPU, RAM and data carriers, and the optical and technical condition. Receive your offer!

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Sell used hardware to AfB

Generate additional income for your IT budget. Sell used IT hardware to AfB. We work safely, socially and environmentally friendly. Rely on more than 15 years of experience in end-of-life treatment. For years we have achieved a remarketing quota of 65% and more. With us, you combine your IT refinancing with socio-ecological commitment. Learn more about our logistics and the IT process at AfB.

Money instead of scrap

Every purchase requires good advice. We make more out of your used hardware. Our TÜV-certified refurbishment process reduces electronic waste and creates jobs for people with disabilities. An IT partnership with AfB means liquidity for you, inclusion for society and protection for our environment.

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Your commitment: promoting CSR projects 

There are two possibilities how to get involved in social projects at AfB beyond an IT partnership:

  1. You can use your surplus from the IT partnership to promote the expansion of inclusive jobs. AfB is entitled to receive donations, we will gladly issue a donation receipt. Please feel free to contact us.
  2. We have many other certified CSR partners who are involved in social and educational projects, whether with young people in Germany, with children in disadvantaged regions of the world or with refugees: good refurbished hardware for educational projects is needed everywhere.

5 tips against unnecessary loss of value of your hardware:

  1. Carefully collect and store. You are welcome to use our collection and transport containers from the moment the equipment is dismantled by your employees to avoid damage.
  2. Do not apply engravings or stickers on the devices that cannot be removed cleanly.
  3. IT devices lose value every month. It is not worth storing the devices.
  4. Remove activation locks on mobile devices.
  5. We offer your employees the possibility to buy their work-notebook, etc. privately via AfB. With this knowledge, many people handle their equipment more carefully.

Our conditions

You can either provide us detailed information about your devices in advance or we will make you an all-inclusive offer without knowledge of this data, in which we only differentiate e.g. by CPU generation, hard disk type and display size. In each variant a forecast over several quarters is possible in relation to the delivery date.

Our expenses for logistics and data destruction will be offset. Depending on your wishes, we deduct these costs directly from the purchase price or charge them separately.

You do not need purchase prices, but you do not want to have costs? This is in many cases possible - therefore we need information about collection points, quantities and device configurations in advance.

Your contact person

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Maximilian Blum

Phone: +49 7243 20000-141
Email: maximilian.blum@afb-group.eu

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