Certified data erasure

Secure data erasure for companies: the protection of your company data is our top priority. With the Blancco data erasure software we delete the data reliably and securely. You will receive auditable deletion reports as evidence.

We would be happy to advise you on our data erasure methods and how to handle defective or remapped sectors, HPA/DCO areas, SSDs and mobile devices.

Hard disk shredder following DIN 66399

Hard disk shredder following DIN 66399

AfB has six hard disk shredders, which destroy unerasable data media according to DIN 66399 (up to protection class 3).

Data erasure software Blancco

Data erasure software Blancco

For secure data erasure, we rely on Blancco's globally recognized erasure software with component recognition.

Your erasure report

Your erasure report

As an AfB partner you have 24/7 access to our online portal. There you can see the status of your equipment and have your data destruction certificates sent to you.

Blancco Platinum Partner

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Data erasure with the world's most certified erasure software Blancco.

We have been using Blancco solutions for many years and are Europe's only non-profit Blancco Platinum Partner. Find out more.

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Data erasure promotes circular economy in the IT sector

Data erasure with professional deletion software is just as secure as the mechanical destruction of data media and smartphones using shredders. Additionally, erased devices can be refurbished and remarketed. This promotes a circular economy in the IT sector. Learn more about the socio-ecological impact we achieve through data destruction and refurbishment of IT hardware.

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