Swollen Batteries

A Problem for Occupational Safety, Data Security & a Question of Liability

IT devices with structurally altered batteries are highly dangerous. If your laptop, tablet or smartphone contains a safety-critical defective battery, do not switch the device on again. A fume or battery fire can seriously harm people in the immediate vicinity! Companies must now ensure the occupational safety of their employees and may be liable in the event of damage. In addition to avoiding personal injury and property damage, think about the confidential data that is still stored on the data carriers of your smartphones or laptops.

Two challenges for companies:

  • How can I dispose of IT equipment with defective batteries properly and safely?

  • What happens to the confidential data on my device?

Hand over IT equipment with structurally altered batteries to the certified IT refurbisher AfB social & green IT and rent our AfB battery box. By renting, you have a battery box on site and ensure the safety of your employees, your data and your company!

Swollen battery Handy mit aufgeblähtem Akku

How do I recognise a safety-critical defective battery?

Not all defective batteries have a safety-critical defect. We show you how to recognise a safety-critical defective battery.

  • Swollen batteries
  • Liquid leaking from the battery
  • Deformation of the device in which the battery is installed
  • Damage to or melting of the battery
  • Loose batteries that become particularly warm or even hot

Our solution for you

Safe disposal of batteries & certified data destruction

AfB social & green IT has more than 17 years of experience in the field of IT refurbishment and certified data destruction. Our trained employees will be happy to advise you on the safe handling of lithium-ion batteries and audit-proof data destruction.

AfB Battery Box: ADR-compliant storage & transport

Safe storage and transport of structurally modified batteries is very easy with the AfB battery box. Based on real fire tests and the officially certified safety concept of the battery box with, among other things, thermal insulation and smoke gas filtering, you can safely and easily store and transport your device batteries, such as laptop batteries or other batteries from ITC devices, regardless of their shape and size.

The AfB battery box meets the latest requirements of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and has been tested under real conditions of a battery fire.

Advantages of the AfB Battery Box

  • Toxic fumes produced during combustion are absorbed by the box
  • Protection against splinters in the event of an explosion of a battery that is reacting
  • The outside temperature of the box when the battery is burning is a maximum of 100° Celsius
  • Professional handling according to ADR/GGVSEB (Dangerous Goods Regulations) by our trained personnel

Your data in safe hands

Secure data erasure for companies: Protecting your company data is our top priority. With the Blancco erasure software, we erase the data reliably and securely. You will receive auditable erasure reports as proof.

We will be happy to advise you on our erasure methods and how to deal with defective or remapped sectors, HPA/DCO areas, SSDs and mobile devices. For secure data erasure, we rely on Blancco's globally recognised erasure software with component detection.

Advantages of certified data erasure

  • BSI-compliant (Federal Office for Information Security) & according to GDPR
  • Audit-proof
  • Security levels H4 & H5
  • Shredding up to security level 3
  • Certified Blancco erasure software
  • DoD standard or NIST standard

Technical data of the AfB battery box


The battery box is a dangerous goods transport box certified according to ADR 2019 P911 / LP906 for the storage and transport of safety-critical defective lithium-ion batteries. The model used as part of the battery box rental is a "LogBATT S-1".


AfB battery box

General data

Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm
External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 340
Internal dimensions: 480 x 280 x 180
Weight: 9,5 kg
Maximum load: 20kg 

Renting the AfB battery box

Safety in your company premises

If you rent an AfB battery box, you can store safety-critical defective litihium-ion batteries securely on site. In case there are several critical defective batteries stored in one battery box, please inform AfB and arrange a collection shortly. In each box we can transport several batteries.

Hardware collection from your mobile working stations

In case that one of your employees has a safety critical battery while working in Home Office, you can commission AfB with a collection. This is necessary as an according battery is consideres as dangerous good and must not be transported neither by a regular shipping service provider nor by a privat vehicle. The transport of the battery underlies ADR policy due to its increased risk potential. 

Ad hoc collection of your batteries

Quick help available at short notice

You have a safety critical defective battery and therefore would like a collection? Contact us and we will organize a collection shortly – from Home-Office as well.

Secure Handling of Data goes without saying

Your data is in safe hands with us, even if we collect it without a rental agreement. You can rely on our trained personnel and our certified processes. We are your Contact Person for safety critical defective batteries and a secure handling of your company data. We make sure that you defective battery won’t become problem in terms of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or information security.

Batteries are dangerous

We offer secure packaging and transport of dangerous goods!

Special care is required when storing and transporting notebooks, tablets and smartphones! They are dangerous goods due to the lithium-ion batteries they contain. The reason: A short circuit can cause a battery fire within seconds.

For your safety AfB offers especially secured and tested battery- and notebook-boxes, that minimize this risk.

We are an expert for Occupational Safety and data erasure. Commission AfB.

Safety-critical defective batteries are subject to special legal requirements for storage and transport! Avoid fire hazard and use the specially secured AfB battery box with its special, tested composition to protect your employees without comprising any risk regarding data- and information security.

Are you interested in the AfB battery-box?

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5 tips against unnecessary loss of value of your hardware

1.Carefully collect and store. You are welcome to use our collection and transport containers from the moment the equipment is dismantled by your employees to avoid damage.
2. Do not apply engravings or stickers on the devices that cannot be removed cleanly.
3. IT devices lose value every month. It is not worth storing the devices.
4. Remove activation locks on mobile devices.
5. We offer your employees the possibility to buy their work-notebook, etc. privately via AfB. With this knowledge, many people handle their equipment more carefully.

FAQ battery fire in IT-devices

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