Modern Learning with JumP

“Schools in Germany face the challenge of teaching their children and teenagers the productive and creative use of digital media but also the ability of critical and independent thinking. As AfB we can help to personalize these learning processes and support independent learning.“ In conversations with school officials Project Leader Frederic Kosina not only hears about all the problems they have in buying IT hardware, but thanks to JumP also gets a good idea about the opportunities digital media can offer school kids.

He has been responsible for the AfB project “JumP – Hardware for Schools and Clubs“ for more than six years now. Recently he got in touch with Baden-Wurttemberg schools through the Service Center School Administration (SCS). Educational institutions can buy reasonably priced notebooks, desktops, computer screens but also printers at special conditions. “What kind of IT equipment a specific school needs depends, of course, on the educational approach and objectives of the individual school”, says the Project Leader and follows this with conceding that just having digital media available at a school does not automatically improve the quality of the school lessons there. Quite the opposite: One can have a poor lesson in spite of having digital media. For Hartwig Wilking, Principal of the elementary school Allmendingen, modern IT plays a big part at his school and hardware from AfB is the perfect solution for him: “This is very important for our students, the school’s profile and the public image of the school. This prepares our students well for the work place and allows them also to experience an up-to-date, modern and interesting class”. Vital for any success, however, says Frederic Kosina, is setting the right teaching objectives and educational approaches and methods before using digital media.

Are schools in general open to projects such as JumP?
Frederic Kosina: In general schools are open to our projects. Our old customers notice rather quickly that we offer high-performance used hardware suitable for any purpose in schools and clubs. Along with a 1-year warranty we also make sample hardware available to schools for testing it free of charge. Since we do not depend on the manufacturer, exchanging defective hardware within a very short period of time is not a problem. Typically, the customer can continue to work with replacement hardware within a few days. Principal Wilking was also curious and very satisfied with the AfB hardware they received through JumP. Hartwig Wilking: “JumP delivers good quality promptly and reliably“.

Are there problems that come up over and over again in conversations about purchasing new notebooks and desktops?
Hartwig Wilking: “Schools have only use for high-performance devices. And that creates cost problems when buying new equipment.”
Frederic Kosina: To allow the smooth operation of these media, the IT infrastructure in place needs to be reliable, ready for everyday use and conducive to learning.  The IT equipment has to suit the educational needs and be integrated seamlessly and flexibly into a school lesson or at home. Unfortunately, schools often lack the desired and required funding.

What does it mean for you as the school principal to receive hardware from a green and socially responsible company such as AfB?
Hartwig Wilking: We are happy that our purchases can help promote inclusion in the work place. The students are not aware that they are working with used hardware. We teachers want to offer our contribution to the idea of sustainability.