IT and integration overcome obstacles

“I’m a construction draughtsman by trade and have been trying for a long time to land a job in this business. But none of the firms where I had applied were barrier-free and suitable for wheelchairs”. One day a job agency offered AfB as an alternative to Christian Iding.

By pure chance the 32-year old finally did wind up at the non-profit company – but not as a draughtsman. Today he applies his IT expertise and tactful personality to consult customers in their search for the right notebook, desktop or smart phone. Since his car accident twelve years ago Christian has been tied to a wheelchair. The technician and sales assistant is grateful that the company is barrier-free. But there still are the occasional problem coming up during a normal day. “Since I’m in a wheelchair I cannot lift heavy objects or pick up devices from a high shelf.” But his colleagues are more than willing to help him out in such situations. He started his career at AfB with an internship in the then Technological Center Jülich. That was seven years ago. There the expert gained his first experiences in working at a store and refurbishing hardware. Right after that he decided to start another internship at the location in Unna which resulted in his employment of many years at AfB.

What are your tasks at AfB?
Christian Iding: A typical work day has a variety of tasks. I have to get the devices ready for the store, manage and consult customers. But my tasks also include upgrading and repairing hardware.

Which part of your work is the most fun for you?
Christian Iding: Definitely talking to customers face-to-face. In sales talks I have to see the individual customer, make suggestions and find out what his or her needs and wishes are. This way I get to know them on a personal level. Apart from that, everybody is always very friendly and considerate towards me.

What do your customers appreciate about AfB?
 Christian Iding: Of course they like the fact that they can buy hardware at a very good price here. But they are even more enthusiastic that the used hardware does not end up as scrap right way but is refurbished and resold by us.