AfB employee dismantles hard drive

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AfB is more than IT.
AfB is social & green IT.

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We are AfB

AfB is the only private Europe-wide & non-profit IT company. We break down boundaries. We overcome barriers. We are not perfect. We have high standards and want to get better every day. We live diversity. In our teams, we bring together people with different backgrounds, perspectives and skills. Every personnel decision is made on the basis of qualifications, performance and the requirements of the company.

"Versatile tasks & diverse personalities"
Michael Gorin, Team Leader Production at AfB


"It's easy to come up with ideas because the hierarchies at AfB are quite flat."
Mona Veith, Head of Online Marketing


"I don't know anyone here who doesn't love their job."
Anthony Fisher, Shipping employee at AfB


Julian Stolz, E-commerce Associate

"My interest in IT goes back to my early childhood, at AfB I can contribute my technical knowledge. For many employers, disabilities are unfortunately still a red rag, here it's different."

Julian Stolz, E-commerce Associate

Michelle Bubolz, Sales Associate

"At AfB, you have the opportunity to be involved right from the start and contribute your own ideas. I particularly appreciate that - especially because the employees are taken care of."

Michelle Bubolz, Sales Associate

Patrick Lonek, AfB Shop employee

"I like working in the AfB store. What counts when advising my customers is friendliness and competence, not my disability."

Patrick Lonek, AfB Shop employee

Arzu Utac, AfB employee Nuremberg

"AfB offers its employees opportunities to achieve professional goals. People show mutual consideration and work together."

Arzu Utac, AfB employee

Antonio Truglio, Data erasure

"I hope that our basic idea will become established in society: man and the environment should always matter more than quick economic gain at the expense of others."

Antonio Truglio, Data erasure

Adrian Janetzko, IT Systems Specialist

"AfB is simply good and well thought through. I fit right in - I care about environmental protection and I have a disability myself."

Adrian Janetzko, IT Systems Specialist

Yasmin Stösser, company social worker at AfB

"I applied here specifically because I thought it would be super exciting to give people with a disability prospects in the primary labor market."
Yasmin Stösser, Company Social Worker

Thomas Brocksch, Data Eraser, deaf

"I love my job, especially when I can get creative and optimize work processes."

Thomas Brocksch, Data Eraser, deaf

Tobias Böhnke, Trainee

"Everyone gets along well here, and when I finish my apprenticeship, I would very much like to stay here."

Tobias Böhnke (on the left)

Susanne Leib, Representative for school IT

"At AfB, I particularly like the combination of a cool business model and sustainable and social aspects, like inclusion."
Susanne Leib, Representative for school IT

Alexander Dzhyoyev, AfB Nuremberg

"People with disabilities have to fight. Here I can prove myself. I spent a lot of my free time working with computers and programming websites, among other things."

Alexander Dzhyoyev, AfB Nuremberg

Working student at AfB

"Even as a working student, you are taken seriously here and given responsibility right from the start.
I appreciate that very much."

Alicia Hanselmann, Working student at AfB

AfB employee dismantles hard disk.

"I like the AfB very much. Equality for everyone. We support each other."

Manuel Garcia, Production employee at AfB

Corporate Communications

"I want to show through my work at AfB that everyone can directly or indirectly promote sustainability and inclusion. Whether it's by dropping off used business IT or buying the refurbished devices. Everyone can do something good."

Juliya Lutz, Corporate Communication

What our company founder says

"I am particularly proud to lead a company where man and the environment matter more than short-term economic gain. I am delighted with the success we have had with our concept and the recognition we have received for it. And I hope that our basic idea will become established in society."

Paul Cvilak,
Founder & Managing Director AfB

Working at AfB

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