Impact! Label Phineo September 2014

Berlin, September 12, 2014. Today AfB was awarded the PHINEO “Impact Label“ for its exemplary work. The Federal Commissioner for Matters Related to People with Disabilities, Verena Bentele, presented the award to AfB Managing Director Daniel Büchle during the Inclusion Conference. The successful approach: AfB not only fights environmental damage with the recycling of decommissioned computers but as a top-notch employer, also promotes inclusion in the labour market. The non-profit analysis and consulting firm PHINEO with the support of the Bundesliga Foundation and the Peter Ustinov Foundation examined the impact of non-profit organizations which champion inclusion in Germany.

Phineo Ehrung der AfB gemeinnützigen GmbH / Geschäftsführung / Würdigung des wirksamen Projektes sowie der leistungsstarken Organisation

The prominent question was: Who had achieved a sustainable impact and empowered people with disabilities to participate in our society? Which approaches show benefits? How do you recognize professionalism in projects? And what are examples for best practices? The results of the analysis: All over the federal territory of Germany you find an extremely versatile and colourful commitment to the idea of inclusion. During the 2-day conference “Together- Always and Everywhere” 15 organizations were honoured with the Impact Label for their exemplary work. The Impact Label is a donor seal for organizations that work particularly effectively. AfB is one of them. Please read the Press release here.

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